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Do you have a question that is not covered on our list? Please send us an email. We will keep this updated to fit your needs.


How often should my filter be changed?

Most manufactures recommend changing the filter once a month.


Should I close registers in rooms I don't use?

Generally the answer is no, registers should not be closed in rooms not used. Although, in some cases, you may if you have enough registers but ask your heating contractor first.


What is the lowest temperature I should set my A/C?

Setting your thermostat below 70° can cause your unit to freeze up and not cool.


Certain parts of my home don’t heat & cool evenly. Is there anything that can be done?

In minor cases, it may be as easy as turning the thermostat fan to the “on” position and allow the blower on the furnace to run all the time. Major cases may require duct work to be altered. Some of the newer style equipment may also solve the problem. Ask your contractor for recommendations.



How often do I need to clean my electronic air cleaner? 

The pre-filters should be cleaned monthly. The main cells should be cleaned three to four times a year. Remember don’t put the air cleaner cells back in your air cleaner wet. Turning the air cleaner on while wet will short out the electronics in the air cleaner.


My digital thermostat screen is blank and doesn’t have any display anymore. What happened?

The thermostat may have batteries that have gone bad or the power may be off to the furnace.

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