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Join Our Automatic Service List


The Automatic Service List is a Preventive Maintenance Program that was started by request of our customers who realized the importance of annual checkups. These customers requested their heating systems be serviced in the fall and their air conditioners serviced in the spring. They also requested us to automatically contact them each season so that they would not have to remember this task. We will call you each spring and fall and schedule an appointment.



There isn’t any contract for you to sign to participate in this program. There isn’t any obligation. If for any reason you want out of this program you may cancel at any time.


  • Preferred Customer Service to any customer who actively participates in this program. This means that if you do have any problems with your equipment, you will receive priority service.


  • Preventive Maintenance is designed to assure that your system is operating safely and efficiently. This is not a guarantee that problems will not occur. However, our experience has shown that equipment that has been maintained operates more efficiently and with fewer problems.


One-Year Warranty on all Parts and Labor furnished and installed by us


60-Day Warranty from the date that we service your equipment. In the event that you develop any electrical, intermittent or any unseen problem, we will not charge you for the zone charge to come back to your home. We will continue the original call and you will be charged our hourly rate, and any parts needed, just as if we never left your home.


For more information, please call us at (937) 898-1184, or email us at


Join the list here!

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